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What is Peinto?

Peinto is a completely free, instant and anonymous way to create and share sketches online using our built-in drawing tool.

Who are we?


The Dev

Peinto About Ryan


The Designer

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The Social Networker

Peinto About Matt


Can I draw whatever I like?

Yep, you can draw whatever you like, anything goes on Peinto

Will old sketches in the archive be removed eventually?

No, all sketches on the site will stay on the site indefinitely, no matter how many sketches there are!

What is the difference between normal and high res on mobile devices?

Currently there is no difference between the two as the canvas size for high res does not fit on mobile devices but this is something in the pipeline

Any plans to make it possible for users to make a collection of their favourite sketches?

This is now up and running you can register by heading here or login by heading here

Got a question?

If you've got a question be sure to either message us on Facebook or send us a tweet on our Twitter page!

Special thanks go to Emmanuel Pelletier for providing the drawing tool.

You can show Emmanuel support by checking him out on Twitter and you can check out the tool here